Reset on 13 May, New Features Coming Soon!

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Get Ready for a Server Reset! Reset is upon us! And with that, there will be plenty of awesome features and improvements! Read the entire news post to see the details! The Following will Reset All player data Money Location Homes Vaults Enderchests etc All survival worlds All mcMMO skills The Following will Not Reset All […]

Week 1 – GlitchNetwork Update

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We have been open for a little more than 1 Week GlitchNetwork has been open for one week and there have been no major problems since launch. We took the time to make sure that everything was working properly before we released and it definitely paid off.  Currently, there are no game-breaking bugs on our […]

Trailer is Finally Up!

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Watch the Trailer! The trailer for GlitchNetwork is finally up and ready to be watched!  We took a lot of things into consideration when making the video. Various technical difficulties were also endured. Everything finally go fixed so that the video could be completed. For our first trailer, it definitely wasn’t bad!   Our trailer features our […]