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What will you do for the Glitch.Network Launch?

Hundreds of players will be here for the Glitch.Network launch 19 February 2016.  There will be a special event and lots of partying!  We have worked a long time making this server as enjoyable as possible.  Our staff has taken weeks to prepare everything and make sure we are ready to accept players en masse.  The real question is, will you be here for  the launch?

Special shoutout to: AutoGlitch, fordtruck, AzureShoyru, Lazzulai, and Pooter for their hard work making this happen!

In case you have seen this for the first time here is a summary about what you’re seeing:

Glitch.Network is a new, unique, hardcore factions server with tons of custom features.  We offer a custom enchanting experience like no other server has.  It features over 60 custom enchants that can be applied to both armor and weapons.

How is Glitch.Network different from other Factions Servers?

Our server is well maintained.  Our developers have written custom plugins and worked hard with all of our installed plugins to make sure there are as few bugs as possible.  This way, our users will have the best experience possible when the server launches.

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect.  If you happen upon a bug, please report it on the forums so that we can fix it as soon as possible.  By reporting bugs, you help everyone!

Our AntiCheat is Unmatched

We have a highly configurable anti-cheat plugin in place to make sure that none of our players can play with unfair advantages.  Additionally, our staff are extremely experienced in identifying hackers.  They will make sure that hackers are banned quickly.  However, if you are ever unfairly banned, you can appeal at

We do not believe in buying unbans.  Everyone deserves extra chances, we have an appeals system in place.

Make sure to read our Rules before the Server Launches

Glitch.Network does not have many rules.  All of our rules are based off of common sense as well.  Make sure to read them before the server launches at  You can also read them in game by using the /rules command!

Don’t forget to Vote!

Vote for Glitch.Network!  You won’t regret it!  Voting for our server will give you all sorts of awesome prizes.  Additionally, for every 50 total votes, users will get ever more prizes!  Also, please shoot us a diamond on PlanetMinecraft.



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