Reset on 13 May, New Features Coming Soon!

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Get Ready for a Server Reset!

Reset is upon us! And with that, there will be plenty of awesome features and improvements! Read the entire news post to see the details!

The Following will Reset

  • All player data
    • Money
    • Location
    • Homes
    • Vaults
    • Enderchests
    • etc
  • All survival worlds
  • All mcMMO skills

The Following will Not Reset

  • All Persisting Donor Perks
    • Those that purchased ranks will receive all perks gained from them (including mcMMO credits).
  • Faction power purchases
  • tl;dr if you bought something that wasn’t a one-time-use, you keep it

New Features

  • We’re getting more servers!
    • Factions and Hub will be launching on 13 May
    • Mayhem (more information coming soon)
    • Skyblock
    • A Test Server (it already exists, but we’re getting a nicer one so that we can test even more features)
  • Completely Reworked Crate System
    • We’re going to entirely rework our crate key system!
    • Many of the rewards will be evaluated and changed!
  • Ban list wipe!
    • If you were previously banned for hacking, advertising, etc, you will be unbanned!
    • If you were ever considered a threat to server security, you now have a right to appeal to be unbanned.
    • The same rules will be in effect, please see
  • More Custom Enchants and Balance Changes
    • Over 40 new custom enchants will be released! (more info on the way)
    • We have made a TON of balance changes to custom enchants and how they work.
      • Any custom enchant that directly caused damage to a target has been lessened.
      • Only 5 total enchants can be applied to any single enchantable item.
      • There are restrictions on what enchants can be applied on single items.

Other Changes

  • Changes to factions
    • All containers, not just trapped chests, can be opened in any faction-claimed territory.
    • We encourage looting! Players now time out in 30 days (changed from 100)
    • Max player power changed to 30 (from 10)
    • Faction member limit changed to 20 (from unlimited)
      • Prevents giant alt factions
  • XP Bottles (/bottle) removed
    • Due to the instability of this plugin, it will be removed in the coming reset. It is not uncommon for users to lose XP or for bottles to suddenly disappear.
  • Factions Top Changes
    • FactionsTop will cause much less lag
    • Items in chests will be counted in /f top
  • New reporting system
    • The ticket system will be removed as a better alternative will take its place.
    • This will make reporting wrongdoers much easier!
  • New Media Partner Reward System
    • Have you always wanted to create content on YouTube or stream yourself on Twitch while playing on GlitchNetwork?
    • We will be sweetening the rewards of those that wish to do this! Expect more information about this soon.
  • New Trailer Video
    • We are currently making a new trailer video for the reset and launch of Glitch Factions 2.0!
    • Subscribe to us here!

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