Server Rules:

  1. If you hack, we will find you and ban you with no warning.
  2. See our forums for approved mods. Ask if your mod isn’t on there.
  3. No, you can’t click fast enough to trigger our anticheat, but your “randomized autoclicker” sure as hell does.
  4. If you piss us off, don’t be pissed if there are consequences.
  5. If you ask for a staff rank here, we will make fun of you.
  6. If you find a bug, you are required to report it.
  7. Any doxxing or death threats will result in an IP ban. No you can’t appeal it.
  8. Don’t spam. We hate the little cunts that do that shit.
  9. If you abuse /helpop, you will be abused.
  10. Advertising here is a poor life decision. Believe us.